A Great Give-Away!

We want to hear from YOU ! Yes, you! Are you reading our blog? Is anyone out there? So leave a comment on this post and we will be randomly choosing ONE LUCKY PERSON ... for a $20.00 gift certificate to our store!! Use it how you want...keep it for yourself and stock up on chocolate cinnamon bears for your secret stash! Or get a great balloon bouquet for your little one's party. Or "go green" and make sure the Leprachaun stops at your house this year... the options are endless! (haha) The deadline is Saturday the 28th at midnight. One comment per person, please!

When Life Hands you Lemons...

When Life Hands you Lemons... MAKE LEMONADE!! Do you know someone who could use a lift?  A laugh?  A little inspiration?   We have a little section of goody bags that might give someone their smile back.  Here are a couple more examples... "When you're walking on a ROCKY ROAD, remember to keep on walking!" (yes, we have the Rocky Road candybars to go with this one!)   "Some days you're the dog, some days you're the hydrant...Hope your day gets better!" (we have cellophane bags with dogs on them) All of these bags are darling and very inexpensive.  Come grab a few to give away - it will make YOU feel good knowing you've made someone else's day! Happy Giving

Until Next Year...

Whew!  It's over!  I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day... we sure did!  Thanks for being patient with us if you came in and it was busy!   We normally have 3 girls working at a time - and this week we have had anywhere from 4 to 7 on at a time... just to make sure every customer got taken care of.  It is so fun to help every person that comes in try and find that perfect gift.  Especially the men who don't have a clue!  You can see it in their eyes as they walk in looking bewildered and confused.  We train our employees to greet them and take them under their wing - asking about what they need, what their budget is, and who they are buying for.  It really is gratifying seeing someone go home knowing that they are excited to give their gifts and make their loved ones happy!   So thanks to everyone who shopped with us this Valentine's Season!  Hope you were happy with all the choices we had and the darling gifts you took home. Now we can start THINKING GREEN!  


Heart Shaped Cushie Pillows 1/2 off!! (Regularly 15.00) Red Twinkle Valentine Lights 40% off (Regularly 13.29) - Wouldn't it be cute to decorate your breakfast table with lights on Valentine morning? Your kids would think they had died and gone to heaven with lights and a couple treats set out when they wake up! Valentine Greeting Cards 40% off! Just a reminder that we have TEACHER GIFTS - tomorrow is the last day to tell your kids' teachers that they are super sweet! We are having a ton of fun down at the store! Come in and see all our cute stuff!

Countdown to Valentine's Day

 I can't even begin to describe how busy it is for us this week!  It is a mixture of fun & craziness.  By the end of the week we will have blown up thousands of balloons, made thousands of goody bags, and hopefully pleased at least a thousand of our wonderful guests!  Our fingers will be sore from tying balloons, and we will most likely be a bit sleep-deprived from staying up late filling orders.  But we love it.  Just a few pictures of some of the items you can find this week... Darling jewelry.  Lots of necklace/earring sets for under $15 Home decor... just cute little signs and such. Gift baskets Ooodles of candy And lots of gift bags!  We have things made up for teachers, moms, sisters, friends, kids, girls who think boys suck, and of course, your sweetheart!  

Order your Valentine Balloons EARLY!

Here is a SPECIAL DEAL for all you blog readers! Order your Valentine balloons by Tuesday the 10th and receive 10% off your entire balloon order! Above are just a handful of the Valentine balloons we have - you'll have to come in to see all the rest! The sooner you come, the better the selection! Valentine balloons are just a must, aren't they? Kids get so excited when they have their very own bouquet! p.s. If you haven't been in our store lately - now is the time! It is FULL of flippin cute gifts, goodies, candies - etc!! You really won't believe your eyes. Come in and see!
The Studio 5 experience was awesome! It was fun to show off our cute ideas and meet some new people. We have had a lot of calls, emails, and new guests come into our store because of the show... so thank you to KSL for giving us the opportunity! The picture above is of our two managers, Callee (on the left) and Emily (on the right). Here is the link online: