April Visiting Teaching Messages

You can now do your Visiting Teaching for April!  Wahoo!   On the outside we have tied a little bag of deluxe  yogurt covered pretzels ( way yummy ) along with a die cut of a key... Open up the package and there are three separate pieces of paper.  The first one is titled, " Study Them... ", turn the page to see " Search Them..." and on the last page, " Treasure Them. "  On each page there are different quotes from the Ensign to go along with the titles. We hope this month's message will be something the ladies you visit teach will be able to tuck away in their own scriptures or files to look back at and remember how important the scriptures really are!  If you want to order these to be mailed, please email us at, or call 801-768-3549.  

Spring is HERE!

This weather is  crazy!!   Two weeks ago we were in our  swimming suits  playing in the sand box, and this weekend we have our  boots  on stomping in the  snow !   One thing that has made me  smile  lately is walking into the store every day and seeing  SPRING  no matter what the weather is outside.  Everything is so  bright and cheery ... maybe these pictures will give you a little glimpse into what fun lies ahead when the weather is consistently  nice outside ! Flowers made from balloons - hanging from the ceiling Chocolate covered cinnamon bears with a cute card attached... Mini topiaries hung from the ceiling.   These are unique decorations for any party - hang them above the table where you are going to be celebrating! New printed plates/cups/napkins  Warmers and scented blocks.   High quality and great scents!  Fun fish balloon bouquet In fact, thinking about spring and looking at all those cute pictures makes me want to celebrate right now!  Let's give away something

Long Lasting Balloons!

So the other day I was visiting a friend and noticed that her 16" Valentine balloon that she bought her daughter for Valentine's Day was still floating ...dwindling by the ground, but still floating.  Then while at aerobics class today a friend mentioned that the fish balloon that she bought her daughter for Valentine's Day was still floating on the ceiling!  Wow!   Over a month of float time!   Definitely worth the extra 15 cents, don't you think?! So what makes our balloons last so long?  It's the ultra super duper hi-float that we squirt in each balloon.  The hi-float is a liquid plastic that seals the pores of the latex, so that helium cannot leak out of those teeny little holes!  But, what makes the biggest difference, is that we train our "gals" to put in JUST the right amount, and it has to be spread EVENLY around the whole inside of the balloon.  Other party stores might use the ultra super duper hi-float, but the employees might put too much in

Teacher Gifts

The season is fast approaching where we show our appreciation to the teachers in our lives!! Whether it be that a teacher appreciation week is coming up - or just the end of the school year - we have all kinds of fun and creative gifts to give. Prices range anywhere from $3.00 up to $20.00! (depending upon how much you like your teacher! ha ha!)

Studio Five Again!

Studio 5 has asked us to come back on their show!   Wahoo!  We will be showing St. Patrick's Day ideas on Tuesday, March 10th.  The show starts at 11 pm on Channel 5.   Tune in to support and cheer us on!  Come into the store anytime Tuesday, tell us what color shirt Callee was wearing, and receive 10% off your entire purchase!  

March Visiting Teaching Messages

The message this month is about the home and family - and how the women of the church have an important role in upholding, nourishing, and protecting the family. So we have created a brick house with the title of the message on the front... open it up and you will find a cute saying, "NOW is the time to get our house in LATER we will have the blessings of an eternal family." (along with two Now and Later candies)  Most of the quotes from the Ensign article are included.   Hopefully the importance of this message will be portrayed to those sisters who receive it this month. Remember we can ship these to any of you that live out of state... just email or call us!  


We just got these cute new items in called  GLOVEABLES.   These designer gloves are so fun - you can use them for cleaning, gardening, hair coloring, scrubbing, cooking and other projects!  I like how they have a high cuff on them, so your hands are really protected.  And did I mention they are so  cute?   It makes me WANT to go out and start cleaning up my yard!  I tried some on the other day and they are also comfy!  It reminded me of slipping on a glove that you would wear to prom (does that date me?).  We also have aprons that are wipe-able!  They come in fabulous designs in both full and half-size.  We are thinking they will be great gifts for hostess gifts, Bunko prizes, Mother's Day, Easter, and also teachers!  Here are two of our lovely girls modeling them...                                                        Alex                                                             Shantel And some random trivia for you - these exact gloves can be seen on Desperate Housewives e