You Can Do Hard Things

I love this phrase!!  All year it keeps popping up in unexpected places... at the school, in a church talk, etc.  So I decided I wanted something to put in my front room to remind my family that "We Can Do Hard Things!"   That brings my talented mom into the picture... I got things semi-ready, and then put her to work!   Look how darling these turned out.   Do you want one for a gift or for YOUR family? Email or call with your color scheme... Give us about a week (give or take) And you can have your very own! Approximately 12"x14" Selling for $22

Meet Denise

I've been wanting to introduce Denise to you for awhile now... She is one of the KEY masterminds behind all of our creative gifts. (there are many gals that are SO creative, but she might take the cake!) After Christmas, the front of our store was so bare...We decided we would love some swags for Valentines Day.  I asked her to help and she whipped these darling babies out!  They turned out so cute and just made the front of our store look so festive!   A few interesting facts about "DC": *She was on the BYU Skydiving Team back in the day... (She graduated with a Bachelors in Child Development & Family Relations) *Been married to her sweetheart for 33 years, has 3 children and 10 grandchildren *Currently the Primary President in her LDS ward. *Loves horses, snorkeling in the Caribbean, sports, sewing, playing the piano & guitar * Loves eating Italian, Mexican, salads, Jr. Mints, and Maple Bars from Lehi Country Bakery (which just happens to be next door!) &qu

March Visiting Teaching Gift

This month's visiting teaching gift is bright and cheery with a lime green and purple theme... The bag is tall & thin, with the full message folded inside and four gold coins (chocolate, of course!) for a yummy treat as well as to remind us that the priesthood truly is a treasure. Lucky to have the Priesthood... it's a Treasure! Buy them online In our Lehi store and now at Shaybees in Springville!

Free Printable for St. Patrick's Day

I wish I had the time to create this myself for you... but it's not happening right now!!  So... I am passing on this darling  free printable  to you from THE ladies in Vegas.  Simply click on the picture, follow the directions to print, frame (or modge podge onto a board), and you have yourself a modern & fun St. Patrick's Day decoration.   Perfect.   Mine is happily sitting on my entertainment center now.   Love it!  And best of all, I feel like I am "on the ball" having a St. Patty's Day thing already up in my house!  And I didn't spend any money!  Wahoo.  

St. Patricks is UP!

Just a quick video from last years Studio 5 segment to get you in the mood for GREEN!! You can find most of the products online here - order early to make sure you get what you want!  

40% off Thursday

Just wanted to remind you all that this Thursday we are having a 40% off one item SALE !   If you've been wanting something special, this is a perfect time to come and grab it with NO GUILT!  Right? We have some of the cutest things in right now - REALLY!  

February Visiting Teaching Gift

Have I mentioned before how much we love Valentine's Day here at the store?  It's true.  This little gift just gets me excited to go out & GIVE!   This heart shaped pouch is filled with the entire RS message from the February Ensign, a Russell Stover chocolate heart (flavor will vary), and a little note that says, "From my Heart to Yours!"  I love the fancy little edge & the option to hang it on a doorknob if you please!     February is such a great time to show your love to others:  we hope that this gift will inspire you to go visit your sisters and enjoy the spirit of the "season!"   Come in the store or buy online .